Third day on the job

TYpical morning breakfast of oatmeal with milk and lingonberry jam

rye crisp with butter and cheese (there is mystery deli meat daily)

coffee is carried to the 14 serving stations (in this tent–there’s another)

10 caraffes at a time each holding 3 liters

milk and juiceand something  resembling tuna or other mysteryfish

Check the bulletin board onteh Spring Town info center

catch the special needs jitneyto the QUEST Forest and don my cave man costume.

We run 1250 scouts throughthe maze  each hour 2 before lunchand 2 after.

thenclean and repair the maze and its 40 challenge games

and we’re off for the day!

wander up to the Global Development VIllage tovisit with other organizations of ethics

or tour the main square and it’s scout shop ($400 million business just yesterday)

post office or bank

Every thing is for sale just as the real world.

or go down the avenue of flags with all the coutry tents, many of whichare restaurants with great ethnic food at great european prices ( I need to raise my debt ceiling tomorrow)

I have run into folks i met at powderhorn or leave no trace training or philmont training whohave been able to help me in a pinch (i’m running off of Jacques’ converter at the moment while he dines.

time for early to bed

only a 1/2 kilometer from the noisy cafe with loud music onthestage until 12 or 2am

got earplugs form a tennessee scouter who providid security for the Prince of Saudi Arabia at opening night