25 July Quick report

Been on Swedish soil 7 hours,2 of which were standing in lien at checkin with 5000 other ISTs

2d check-in got the tee shirt patches and nicker.

3d checkin got my official BSA nametaqg (they didn’t tell us they would suppluone so I ordered my own and it arrived the day I departed.) And usa tent.

Took a while to find which of 15: 30×30 meter square areas I was assigned to.

Dinnerinthe mess tent 5-10 PM every night open seating. They ran out atmy station(#13) 2 or 3 times before I got the rice with chicken and sausage, sour cream and sweet/sour sauce fruit juice and coffee.

Later there being served pirogis or katsu patties.

Just the IST area is huge ½ by 1 km. Thenther are the 3 big camps each with sub camps.