Scouts in Denmark are co-ed and divided by age. Micro 5-6 Mini 7-9 Junior 10-11 Trop 12-16 Senior 16-23 up (Seniors are actually of drinking age over here 16)

Local Havaarti 1st Group includes micro mini junior and troop so far. Ten parents were to get together for a barbecue without the children Saturday night. About 8 km west of Copenhagen.
(Borrowed car coming in handy. Kids walk to their sitters Oma & Papa live a few doors away.) Young Scouts are able to go out into neighboring forests at night without adult supervision. There’s always a few carrying cell phones. Last example: a compass course to be negotiated after sunset in April.

The house was something to behold. Think “Scandinavian design”. Hardwood floors, white built-ins. But also the vegetable garden and rainwater collection tank. A solar room and a greenhouse. Wall between kitchen and dining had been removed making a great space for 6-8 people to prepare dinner. Three of us took charge of the barbecue.

Great dinner of barbecued loins, spareribs and flavored links with salads and of course Danish beer.
One parent, a member of the Danish Ale Club is the local expert. We sampled several varieties including three (beta) test brews, responses from which the brewer will decide on their next general distribution.

Later the hard drinks came out and the candy. Everyone had a different variation of “Irish Coffee” to try. Then some Tequila shots. After one irish coffee and no wine, I settled back to nursing a beer, until my host family pleaded to leave, because of MY jet lag! At one point in the evening I was able to announce that “I was officially re-hydrated.” part of my jet-lag prescription.