23 July Sat DFW 2-hour+ layover, plenty of time to shop around for a good dinner. I choose pubs by looking at the tap handles for something new and different. This one had Shock Top Belgian white. Think I had it before in Arnold, CA. Asked for what Texas beers they had. Only Shiner Bock. How about something smaller than their half-pound burger—enough for 3 of me. Their pub bites included a pair of “drunken roast beef” sliders. Just right with a few shoestring fries. AND the meat for the meal came from only one animal. Easier to thank one cow than 10,000 cows for one McDonald’s burger.

I had stopped by the gate for BA-requiring using the tram to get to the other end of terminal D. (could have walked, but the signs said…. Friendly agent checked my travel documents (passport-this trip I have one not expiring for at least three months after returning-somethig Scandinavian immigration wants. Not like Nicaragua in 2004, when my passport was expired!)

As I left, agent came out to catch me wondering if I wanted to change seats. (I .had paid $30 to choose online, taking the last row right aisle on the 737. This for the extra wide aisle at the rear emergency exit for stretching and the proximity to the heads.)

The food options other thanrealrestaurants seem to be americanjunk. A new low in taste sensations: the pepperoni pretzel (see pix.)