22 July Sat British Airways. Even though I had chosen the cheap route SFO DFW LHR CPH, the BA service was outstanding-worthy of the name. Goodie bag on the seat with the blanket and pillow had loaner earphones for the current and classic movie choices toothbrush and paste. Are they trying to tell us something? Long flight.

Behold the 4 seats in the back row are empty. Wait; I had ambled back to the gate after my repast, and the picture of the mutant pretzel, only o hear “now boarding rows 46-55” Walked right in; sat right on down. Then got up to stretch.
Not for long; a couple, she looking like a Kelly Ripa clone came and dumped luggage on all the seats. The steward is saying, “there’s a chap sitting here.” They eventually after a little duel to claim the one unoccupied seat. Later two chaps changed to the two left seats.